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Extraordinary Diamonds Part 2

June 23, 2017
  Welcome back to the Stewart Kuper blog. Last time we looked at a couple of the largest diamonds in the world.…

Extraordinary Diamonds Part 1

June 18, 2017
  Welcome back to the Stewart Kuper news page! This month on the blog we want to look at some of the…

June Birthstones

June 7, 2017
  June is one of only two months that has three birthstones! They are pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone. Birthstones have changed over…

Waterproof and Water Resistant Watches

May 25, 2017
  Watches come in all different colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and even have different purposes. After all, there are regular band watches,…

Popularity of Stackable Bands

  While any wedding band a woman wears is special, sometimes, one is just not enough! A wedding band ring trend that…

May Birthstone: Emeralds

May 17, 2017
Happy birthday to everyone celebrating in May! Not only is May a wonderful month as it marks the beginning of summer for…

The Sergio Black Diamond

May 7, 2017
  Even though most people think of diamonds as the clear, brilliant stones that people wear on their fingers when they are…

Chlorine and Gold

April 23, 2017
Even though the first day of spring was last month, it is beginning to feel a whole lot like summer for everyone…

A Brief History of Diamonds

April 16, 2017
    With April well under way, we thought it best to dedicate one of our articles to honor and celebrate the…

Fool’s Gold

April 5, 2017
  Happy April! Not only does this month usher in the true beginning of spring, but reminds us of one of our…

Diamond Cuts 101 (Part 2)

  Welcome back to our two part series on the various diamond shapes and cuts! We covered some of the most popular…

Diamond Cuts 101 (Part 1)

  While each diamond you wear will reflect your own personality, style, and interests, each actual cut of the diamond will determine…

The Most Expensive Watches in the World (Part 2)

February 26, 2017
    Are you ready to read more about the most expensive watches in the world? We hope you are! And if…

The Most Expensive Watches in the World (Part 1)

February 21, 2017
    At the end of the day, all watches, pocket watches, clocks – and every other device you can tell time…

Watch Movements (Part 2)

February 14, 2017
    Welcome back to our educational series on watch movements! In the first part of this two part series, we covered…